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Part 4 to "The OVERNIGHT Reemergence of Babylon the "GREAT CITY"

MUST BABYLON, "the Wealthy City",

be a Long-standing, SUPER-RICH City

to be the "GREAT CITY"? 

The description "the Wealthy City" does not require Babylon to be a city of long-standing wealth.
Babylon becomes the global icon of extreme Wealth, not from Old-wealth,

but from Overnight Wealth, bequeathed and bestowed by the Nations.  

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This whole 7-part series is Original Research using primary and secondary sources.     copyright bibleprophecyaswritten 2020

"the kings of the earth...saying ... ' the great city, Babylon, the strong city! ... such great wealth '

... all the nations were deceived by your sorcery."  (Revelation 18:9-10, 17, 23)

Where does the "Great City" get its Power, Authority, Influence, Riches, Control?

How does the "Great City" lay claim to its immense riches, wealth and goods?

Must Babylon be among today’s WEALTHIEST cities?

            1. The Bible does NOT require that “the Great City” be a long-term Super-Rich city.

            2. As the capital of the Antichrist, Babylon becomes INSTANTLY Wealthy.

            3. Babylon’s riches could start tomorrow.

            4. Babylon's Wealth is not Old Wealth, but Overnight Wealth—bequeathed by the nations!

            5. From its platform as the Throne-room-City of the Antichrist, Babylon Controls ALL Global Wealth.

WHY the “GREAT CITY” of Rev 18 is  the World's MOST POWERFUL CITY   

         1. The World's BIGGEST, RICHEST, and MOST POWERFUL Nations "... GIVE their power and authority to the beast." (Revelation 17:13   

        2. The World's BIGGEST, RICHEST, and MOST POWERFUL Nations "...GIVE their kingdom to the beast..." (Revelation 17:17   

        3. Therefore, they give Authority and Control over their National-Assets:

In this INSTANT, OVERNIGHT transfer of Authority and Sovereignty of INTERNATIONAL ASSETS to the “King of Babylon”—10 Kings GIVE HIM the KEYS to (using, for example, U.S. terms)
their Banks
their Pentagon
their CIA
their Internet

their Wealth
their Resources
their Defense Dept
their Transportation Dept.
their Treasury Dept.
their Seaports
their Borders

It follows, then, that the Antichrist can set his throne (headquarters) in a small relic city of historical and legendary reputation...

one with symbolic glory and power  — and exert his Great-Authority from that city—

— OVERNIGHT making that small relic city one of derivative Great-powerthe "GREAT CITY".                          

Scripture gives 3 rhetorical questions posed by the end-time world, with their implicit answers that reveal the Antichrist-GREAT CITY linkage,

1. “Who is like him  (Antichrist) ?"

2. "Who can make war with him (Antichrist) ?”

                                                                Rev 13:4

That is, Who can challenge him? ...and thus the next question links naturally to his Chosen City...

3. "What city is like the Great City?“

                                                                 Rev 18:18

The Bible calls the Great City "BABYLON".

1) RIGHT and across

As we saw in Part 3, the 10 Kings are the TOP 10 Kings over the Revived Roman Empire, which includes other kings and nations.

2) RIGHT and across

To GIVE over a kingdom is to GIVE over its WEALTH.

We read again these revealing prophecies,

    "they give their     power and authority     to the beast... by     giving their kingdom     to the beast"

                Rev 17:13, 17

ABOVE and right:  The 10 Kings GIVE their united kingdom and ALL of its Assets, to the ...

BELOW and right: When the 10 Kings GIVE THEIR UNITED KINGDOM (many subservient kingdoms) to the Antichrist, they essentially bequeath and bestow their national WEALTH to the Antichrist.

 ... Antichrist who sets his throne in the famed relic-city of Babylon.

Instantly the relic-city is exalted to the status of the "GREAT CITY".

This transfer of Kingdom-Wealth to the Antichrist and his Chosen City transforms—NOT the size—but the WEALTH, status and Authority of that City second only to that of the one on its Throne—the Antichrist.

These prophecies of the Reemergence of Babylon The Great (above) complete the prophetic-circle of Babylon (below)

BELOW — Babylon Built: After God judged the world with the global flood, the descendants of Noah built the first one-world city, called "Babel".

(Gen 10)

BELOW — Babylon Scattered: Babel (Babylon) dipped deeply into sin. As a result God separated the people and drove them away. Split up into diverse languages, people further divided into diverse religions and races across the planet, giving rise to the world's nations.  (Gen11)

BELOW — Babylon Reunited: The Bible foretells of a "rewinding of the historical-tape" —that is, a worldwide return of political, religious, military, and economic power to the original one-world-city —Babylon —at the End Time. (Rev 17-18)

BELOW: The following example, using today's Ranking of the World's Richest Nations, can in principal be applied to the prophecies (see right) about the Wealth-Authority of the Antichrist.

Since Babylon is the Chosen City of the Antichrist for his  THRONE and HEADQUARTERS, the Biblical Prophecies pertaining to the Authority, Power, and Control of the Antichrist over WEALTH apply also to Babylon of Chaldea.


The Great City Babylon—by proxy, will have both Possession and Control of GLOBAL WEALTH in the End Days.

See the prophecies to the right...

Here are some of the relevant prophecies.

        1. Antichrist overcomes the Superpowers and their Wealth.

    (3 of the 10 Kings; Dan 7:24; 11:39, dividing and selling Israel to Global bidders)

        2. The 3 Antichrist-controlled Nations sway the remaining 7, and these 10 Most Powerful and Richest Nations in one swift stroke hand over their Sovereignty, their Wealth, their very Kingdoms to Antichrist. (Rev 17:13, 17

        3. With Global Authority centered and administered from Babylon, the City becomes "Antichrist-Babylon" suddenly showered with WEALTH.

                                                                                               (Dan 11:38; Rev 18:2-3

        4. Antichrist-Babylon Economically rewards those who Worship him.                                                                                                 (Dan 11:39; Rev 13:17

        5. Antichrist-Babylon snatches the Wealth of Israel, Egypt, etc.

                                                                                        (Zec 14:1, 14; Dan 11:43

        6. Antichrist-Babylon gathers, parades, directs and distributes the WEALTH of the Nations as its own.                           (Rev chapter 18

World's Richest Nations

Ranking the Richest Countries in the World, Investopedia, Updated Mar 18, 2020 https://www.investopedia.com/insights/worlds-top-economies/

10 richest nations (GDP, 2020)

        1. United States    

        2. China

        3. Japan

        4. Germany

        5. India    

        6. United Kingdom    

        7. France    

        8. Italy    

        9. Brazil        

      10. Canada

RIGHT: Western Hemisphere

     Richest Nations bequeath         and bestow their National         Wealth upon Babylon

United States


United Kingdom





World's Richest Nations GIVE it ALL  

1. As we saw further above the world's richest nations GIVE their WEALTH to The Antichrist.

2. The Antichrist chooses his Throne-room City, Babylon of Chaldea.

3. Babylon, as the "centerpiece-city" of the Antichrist, upgrades its Political, Military, and Religious AUTHORITY by receiving its 4th-pillar of Power, Global Economic AUTHORITY.

In one swift stroke OVERNIGHT — the nations (10 Kings) hand it all over...

...and Babylon becomes BABYLON 'The GREAT' and 'The WEALTHY'.

LEFT: Eastern Hemisphere Richest Nations

        bequeath and bestow their National         Wealth upon Babylon




(Remember: This is an example using today's Richest nations. The Revived Roman Empire, with its east-west nations, will actually DO IT ! )


RIGHT and across

In the 2016 U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal,  America (with cooperation from the European Union) bestowed to Iran an OVERNIGHT shipment of massive pallets of green-cash. By the morning, Iran was at the least $1.7 BILLION dollars RICHER! (many say it was 'Trillions')


In the spring of 2020 the United States made the largest transfer of money from the U.S. Treasury to American citizens in its history--BY FAR!         (see RIGHT and across)

Virtually OVERNIGHT, in the national emergency over the global coronavirus pandemic,  $2.2 TRILLION dollars (Cares Act) went into personal and private business bank accounts, with lesser amounts to state and local governments.

Indeed, we live in the unprecedented era of massive, OVERNIGHT, WEALTH-transfer capability.

The pallets of cash were loaded on an airplane and sent OVERNIGHT to Iran, 'bequeathed and bestowed'.

    "As part of a settlement, Obama     transferred $1.7 billion in cash to     Iran in 2016."...

"IRS pays out $157.9 billion in 88 million stimulus checks... President Trump signed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act."

..."The entire $1.7 billion, given in two separate payments of $400 million and $1.3 billion, was provided in cash."

LEFT & ABOVE: The Cares-Money transfer

SOURCE for left-quote:

Market Watch
Published: April 25, 2020 at 8:46 a.m. ET

SOURCE for left-quotes:

Updated 5:04 PM ET, Fri June 21, 2019


ABOVE, the OVERNIGHT flow of TRILLIONS (left to right)

A Word on the Control of GLOBAL WEALTH and ECONOMY by the GREAT CITY —

Revelation 18's 'WEALTH of BABYLON' is explained in 4 ways,

            1. Babylon is the beneficiary of the Wealth of the Nations. The City parades and showcases its extravagant Wealth with a magnified display of "luxurious and splendid...gold and precious stones and pearls" to manifest its glory. (Rev 18:14-16)

            2. Babylon's "Wealthy-City" mantra also refers to its TOTAL CONTROL, under the GLOBAL AUTHORITY of the Antichrist, of the Wealth of the Nations. This Total Control is accomplished by the Antichrist's Absolute Authority over global supply and demand — that is, "buy and sell"-economic power. (Rev 13:17)  This global economic control over individuals necessitates global economic control over the nations. "Buy and Sell", or supply and demand, is the lifeblood of the world economy. The Great City is not only the showcase-face, but the administrative-arm, of the Antichrist. As such, it has an iron-fist control over the "buying and selling" of the nations of the world. (i.e., "merchants of the earth" implies nations trading with nations, under the control of Babylon; Rev 18:3, 11, 23)

            3. The entire Babylon, city of "great wealth" (Rev 18:17-19), phenomenon exists only and stands only on the satanically-bestowed Authority of the Antichrist situating and remaining in Babylon. (Rev 13:2-5)

            4. Babylon's reputation as the source of production centers on its GLOBAL CONTROL of production ("buy or sell", Rev 13:17) Reference to "her wealth", Rev 18: 19, is bound up in "her" (Babylon's) authority to control the world's wealth. The lengthy list of products in Revelation 18:12-13 are called "these things" (Rev 18:15), and related in the text to "their cargoes" (Rev 18:11), referring to the "merchants of the earth" ( Rev 18:3, 11, 23). Therefore, Babylon gains its "Wealthy City" reputation because it is the "Grand-Central-Station" of the World's Economy — as dictated by the Antichrist — not because it is the source of all production (though Babylon does have production capacity, v. 22).


The description "the Wealthy City" does not require Babylon to be a city of long-standing wealth.
Babylon becomes the global icon of extreme Wealth,

not from OLD-wealth, but from OVERNIGHT Wealth

bequeathed and bestowed — INSTANTLY —  by the Nations.

...Babylon is to be rebuilt and become the Antichrist’s world-wide political and economic capital of the world.
Arnold Fruchtenbaum, The Footsteps of the Messiah, Ariel Ministries Press, 1983, p. 192.

NEXT, part 5, Does the term "Babylon the Great"

require Babylon to be a massive Seaport City?



                                        COMPLETE SUMMARY STATEMENTS


( Summary of the 7 Propositions listed below, each of which encapsulates a subject of this 7-Part series )

Babylon of Chaldea has Survived, slowly rebuilding for a thousand years, awaiting its destiny as

the Throneroom of the Antichrist, the City Chosen by HIM to enforce HIS Authority and HIS Ownership

of the Global Sovereignty, Wealth, and Trade ceded "Overnight" to HIM by the Nations;

Babylon awaits its destiny as "the Great City"—perishing with its Final Fall at the Return of Christ.

(Jeremiah 50-51; Revelation 17-18)

(The "Great" in the "Great City" is the result of its status as the base-city

for the "Great Authority" of its chief occupant, the Antichrist)

Below are 7 Summary Statements concluded from the Biblical, archaeological and historical evidence presented in this series. Each of the 7 statements corresponds respectively to the 7 Parts of this series, where we will present the evidence that,

        1. Babylon of Chaldea (Iraq) has Survived to fulfill its prophesied date with destiny.
Photographs of Conditions said to be impossible after Babylon's Final Destruction prove Babylon has Survived.


        2. Babylon has been rebuilding, inconspicuously, and unnoticed, for centuries.
Beginning in the midst of Babylon's ruins, the Literal Stones of Babylon have for 1000 years been recycled and redistributed to expand and build up the city of Hillah --essentially Rebuilding Babylon.


        3. Revelation's title "Babylon the Great City" does not require Babylon to be a Super-Large city. 
Babylon is "Great"--not because of Great Size--but because of its Great Authority derived from its status as the throne-room City of the Antichrist.


        4. The description "the Wealthy City" does not require Babylon to be a city of long-standing wealth. 
Babylon becomes the global icon of extreme Wealth, not from Old-wealth, but from Overnight Wealth, bequeathed and bestowed by the Nations.


        5. Babylon "the Great" does not require Babylon to be a massive Seaport City. 
Babylon is not itself a Giant Seaport City, but it Controls Global Seaports from a distance across continents and seas.


        6. Babylon of Chaldea has not been "Replaced" any more than Israel of Mt. Zion has been Replaced. 
Babylon has a Biblical-Chaldean GPS Identification of 32.32º x 44.25º which excludes any other city as a Replacement Babylon.


        7. Babylon, Iraq, has a prophetic-time appointment that parallels that of Israel. 
Babylon of Chaldea has a Date With Destiny prophetically scheduled to coincide with the New Covenant Salvation of Israel at the End Time. (Jer 5-:1-5

If the evidence sustains these 7 points, where is the need for a metaphorical Replacement to the plain, common sense, literal understanding of the word "Babylon"?

2. Will there be an INSTANT transfer of Wealth from the nations to Babylon of Chaldea? Listen to Henry Morris on Zechariah's prophecy,

            "Zechariah's vision thus clearly foretells a time when the center of world finance and commerce will be removed from its bases in New York and             Geneva and other great cities and transported quickly across the world to a new foundation and headquarters in the land of Shinar...a biblical term             for Babylon..." [Zec 5:5-11; emphasis mine]

            Henry Morris, The Revelation Record, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL, 1983, p. 359.

3. "The international bankers and the corporation directors and the mercantile barons and the shipping magnates... now find it gloriously profitable to center             it all in great Babylon. Babylon is the great capital of the world, and all the capital of the world flows in and out of Babylon."

            Henry Morris, The Revelation Record, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL, 1983, p. 354.

The GOSPEL in Revelation:

                        The 5th verse from the beginning,

Jesus Christ...To Him who loves us, and released us from our sins by His blood, (Revelation 1:5

                        The 5th verse from the end,

"... And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost." (Revelation 22:17

The Book Of Revelation, apocalyptic and foreboding, is actually "FRAMED" by the GOSPEL OF SALVATION in Jesus Christ. Here's how you can be saved...