"Live by God's Every Word"  Ma 4.4

TURKEY--Link to the Revived Roman Empire


Turkey, like much of the Mid-East, is regularly in the headlines. When a major headline pops up, we like to revisit the prophecies that speak of the particular subject--in this case the prophecies about Turkey.

In prophecy, the territory of Turkey is referred to under various ancient kingdoms inhabiting Asia Minor. In history, Turkey has come under the Greek and Roman Empires, Rome's successor eastern state the Byzantine Empire, then various Muslim empires. Then came the 500-year long Turkish-Ottoman Empire-- which was cut up after World War 1 by the European victors and divided into arbitrary sections which today we call Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, etc.

I bring in the history part because it is the story of the stage-setting for the Bible prophecies related to Turkey and the entire region. Before we get to Turkey specifically, it is important to say here that two broad prophetic paths relate to the entire region (the Middle East).

1. Simply put, the End Time prophecies show a RETURN TO THE BIBLE LANDS--that is, the Middle East, with Israel at the center. The focus of the world will tilt heavily in the direction of the Mid East and the BIBLE LANDS.

2. The reason for the Mid East focus? Israel. The Mid East itself will be a mess-- chaos, confusion and violence-- uniting only in a brief and massively-disasterous Russian-Islamic Invasion of Israel. (Ezekiel 38-39)

Regarding Turkey specifically, three (3) prophetic categories stand out,

1. Turkey, as Biblical "Beth-Torgarmah", will be among the "leader"-nations which head up the Russian-Islamic Invasion of Israel. Russia and other allied leaders including Turkey, Iran, Lybia, etc. will gather a coalition of "follower"-nations ("and many peoples with you", Eze. 38:6, 9; are these to be Finns, Swedes, Laplanders???...there is not much speculation here--undoubtedly these will be the Muslim nations, seething with hatred for Israel, which immediately surround Israel) So, in addition to the "leader" nations which include Turkey, expect to see Lebanese-Hezbollah, Palestinian-Hamas, Syrian/Iraqi-ISIS, and all the other "follower"-nations which immediately surround Israel, both geographically, and with their shared genocidal agenda. Turkey will be there. (Eze. 38:6) So will God. (Eze. 38:17-23)

BELOW: Turkey will be among the "leader" nations listed in Ezekiel 38 that will gather together the nations surrounding Israel and launch the largest suicide attack in history.

2. Daniel 8 sets forth an intriguing prophecy which includes Turkey. In that chapter we see predicted the breakup of Alexander the Great's massive kingdom, which was fulfilled after his death in 323 BC. The prophecy shows it was to break into 4 parts which would be divided among his successor generals (the "diodoche").

Daniel then propels us through 2500 years until "the time of the end" (8:17, 19), "the final period" (8:19), "the latter period" (8:23). At that time, the End Time, the 4 parts of Alexander's kingdom will resurface as global players.

Here's where we must muster carefully the facts of history or the prophecy resolves into the liberal category of "approximate" fulfillments of prophecy. Alexander's kingdom originally broke into a dozen or more small kingdoms fragmented along ethnic lines. Then the prophesied "4" kingdoms of Daniel 8 went, through a series of wars between Alexander's generals, from a dozen to "9", then "5", then "3", and finally in 301 BC at the classic battle of Ipsus, history locked in to the prophesied "4" kingdoms. Perfect fulfillment of Daniel 8:22.

Remember, these 4 kingdoms are predicted to arise AGAIN at the "time of the end" (which Daniel defines in 11:35, 40 & 12:1 as the time leading to the Tribulation). Who were these kingdoms? Their modern counterparts are Greece, Syria-Iraq, Egypt... and Turkey. Amazingly, all 4 broke out of the Ottoman Empire (3 of them at the end of WW1, including Turkey). Amazingly, all 4 kingdoms/countries today are the movers and shakers in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

BELOW: Turkey, Greece, Syria-Iraq and Egypt will arise onto the stage of Middle Eastern history as major nations in that region "at the time of the end." (Daniel 8)

3. Thirdly, I expect to see Turkey play a leading role in the revival of the Eastern Leg of the Revived Roman Empire, which will be the base-kingdom of the Antichrist in the Last Days.

The drift of current events don't drive me there. Contrary, in spite of the drift of current events, Bible prophecy drives me to that conclusion.

Historically, Turkey is known as the "sick man of Europe." Turkey is the epitome of the "iron-clay" geo-politcal schizophrenia as set forth in Daniel's prophecies (2:41-43). Today Turkey leans to it's deep Islamic heritage; tomorrow it yearns to be part of Europe. From one regime to the next, Turkey sways from secular to Islamic, and back again.
Turkey is the traditional and contemporary bridge connecting the Western and Eastern "Legs" of the coming Revived Roman Empire. Turkey was the baseline of the longest surviving part of the original Roman Empire--the 1,000-year-old Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire. Because of Daniel's prophecies, the evidence is heavy that Turkey and it's modern counterparts in Daniel 8's prophecy--Greece, Syria-Iraq and Egypt, plus Iran--will astonish current headline-watchers and betray the "drift" of the newsline-prophecy speculators, and actually obey the predicted prophecies instead.

Like Israel, Turkey and these Middle Eastern noise-makers will be shock-driven by some mega-event game-changer that will shift the Middle East overnight into its Eastern Roman Empire profile. (The shock-event of the Holocaust moved Israel "overnight" back to its prophesied homeland and statehood status)

BELOW RIGHT: Turkey is the bridge nation to the Eastern-Leg of the Revived Roman Empire, and the bridge nation between Europe and the Middle East.

Don't bet on this Mid East scenario if your prognosis is swayed by speculations. But if you are convicted by the ancient Bible prophets, bet on it! Or something, maybe not exact, but similar. Stick with the prophecies. They continue to amaze and astonish. Is not Israel in their Land as the centerpiece on the global radar? Israel was only the first prophecy fulfilled in our lifetime that RAN AGAINST THE DRIFT OF THE NEWS! There is more to come, and it will not be according to outside-the-Bible speculations. Be astonished and amazed. God's prophetic Hand is moving! Jesus is Near!

NOTE: Turkey was prophesied to arise in the Last Days BEFORE any of the current headlines arose. Turkey's prophecies will not change AFTER today's news becomes history. We expect Turkey to be up-front on the End Time global stage according to the pre-written prophecies. And it certainly is. But so is Israel, God's living proof that He is walking among us in these latter days. Praise the Name of Jesus, our Savior!